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Safety tips for renting a boat in Ibiza: what to do in case of emergency

Safety tips for renting a boat in Ibiza: what to do in case of emergency

17 July 2023

Renting a boat in Ibiza can provide unforgettable moments at sea, surrounded by crystal clear waters and dazzling landscapes. However, it is essential to be prepared to face emergency situations that may arise during the voyage. Here are vital tips and protocols to ensure your safety and that of your companions in case of an unexpected situation while sailing along the beautiful coasts of Ibiza.

Prevention and preparedness for emergencies at sea

Before setting sail, make sure that the boat is in good condition and has all the necessary safety equipment. Verify that the life jackets are in good condition and available for each passenger. Also, familiarize yourself with the emergency procedures provided by RentaBoat Ibiza and review the navigation maps to identify areas of potential danger.

Acting in fire situations on board

Fire on board is a serious emergency that requires a quick and accurate response. In case of fire, the first thing to do is to remain calm and alert the other crew members. Activate the fire fighting system and use fire extinguishers to control the fire. Avoid opening doors or hatches that could spread the flames and direct everyone to a safe place on the ship or, if necessary, to lifeboats.

Man overboard rescue protocols

A crewmember falling overboard is a dangerous situation that requires a quick and coordinated response. First, activate the MOB (Man Overboard) protocol and launch flotation devices to mark the person's location in the water. Perform rescue maneuvers with caution, maintaining visual contact with the fallen crewmember and avoiding abrupt maneuvers that may hinder the rescue. If necessary, request outside assistance and maintain constant communication to coordinate the rescue efficiently.

Una radios VHF en un barco de alquiler en Ibiza

Know how to use a VHF radio if you are going to rent a boat without skipper in Ibiza.

Basic first aid at sea

For minor injuries or common medical problems at sea, a basic knowledge of first aid is essential. Make sure you have a well-equipped first aid kit on board with bandages, disinfectants, painkillers and other essential medical supplies. Treat minor wounds and injuries properly and provide medical assistance in case of seasickness, nausea or other common medical problems.

Communication and contact in emergency situations

In the event of an emergency, communication is key to summoning help quickly. Keep communication devices active, such as VHF radios or cell phones with a charged battery. Call emergency services and provide accurate details about the boat's location and the nature of the emergency. In addition, carry distress signals and emergency lights to attract the attention of other boats or rescue services in critical situations.


In conclusion, to rent a boat in Ibiza is an enriching experience, but you must be prepared to face emergency situations. Follow these safety tips and protocols to act appropriately in case of fire, man overboard or injury. Prevention and preparation are essential to ensure a safe and pleasant trip while enjoying the wonders of the Mediterranean Sea in Ibiza.

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